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Mark A. Ramirez, MD

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Dr. Mark Ramirez, MD, is a family medicine specialist who offers women's health care -- including reproductive care, menopausal management, screening and chronic disease management -- to women who live in Hemet, California.

Women's Health Q & A

Do Women Have Different Health Issues Than Men?

Women face some of the same health problems as men, but there are differences, and women also face some unique health risks. Age can make a difference; up to the age of menopause, women have a much lower risk of heart disease than men. However, a woman who has a heart attack is more likely to die than a man with the same condition. Women are more susceptible to certain medical conditions, like breast cancer. Women have a higher risk of developing certain diseases -- like rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism (low thyroid), lupus (90 percent of those with lupus are female) and multiple sclerosis -- or conditions like eating disorders. And of course, women face a variety of health issues related to reproductive issues, like anemia from menstrual bleeding or complications of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as menopausal symptoms.

Isn't Women's Health Just About Reproduction?

At the most, reproduction dominates only about one-third of the average woman's lifetime; with the smaller size of families, especially in developed countries, a woman may only be pregnant one or two years in an 80-year lifespan. However, hormonal influences do affect women more often than men, whether related to the menstrual cycle or by increasing susceptibility to conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease after menopause. Still, women's health care needs are more complex than just reproduction. For example, they need screening for chronic diseases like diabetes or for cancer. Women should have regular medical and dental preventive care and need education about nutrition, lifestyle choices, and overall health management.

How Can Women Stay Healthy?

Many preventive health strategies revolve around the basics. Women need a healthy diet, which can be a problem if they practice yo-yo dieting. Nutrition is particularly important during pregnancy. Stress management is also important, as women are often the family caregivers and juggle multiple responsibilities. Exercise, adequate sleep, and weight management can also help maintain and promote a woman's health. Regular preventive care can help identify problems early and help a woman maintain her health status.

What is Family Planning?

Women are more likely to initiate and participate in family planning decisions, including the timing of a desired pregnancy. All females who are capable of becoming pregnant should have a discussion with Dr. Ramirez.

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